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Educational services

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The Educational Services of the Museo di Scienze Naturali of Brescia are proposed as a link between the scientific and naturalistic culture and the educational experiences of literacy and naturalistic, environmental and ecological study.

The aim is to support the development of a natural heritage education, with a focus on the environment, ecosystems, geo-biodiversity and sustainability, in line with the project “Un Filo Naturale”.

A community that participates to transform the challenge of climate change into opportunities.


The educational function of the Museo di Scienze Naturali and its relational approach highlight the value:

  • of the children and young people participation through laboratories designed for schools and groups in a context oriented to listening, dialogue, direct experience of the perceptible world, the construction and sharing of scientific and naturalistic knowledge on current issues of sustainability;
  • of the involvement and wide participation of families with children in the life of the museum service.

The basic idea is that of children and young people who are active, sensitive, competent, holders of rights and builders of meanings.

The laboratories proposed allow to experience significant aspects of the scientific method: observation, analysis, connection, understanding through direct experimentation, reflection and discussion. The Museum promotes and cultivates different forms of relating to the world of life. The direct experience of the perceptible world is combined with the educational experience aimed at developing a scientific investigation habit.  Nature “teaches” the value of knowledge, utility, beauty and care, presenting itself through its simple complexity to be discovered and investigated.