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Collections of the Earth Sciences

The collections related to the Earth Sciences are represented by mineralogical, petrographic and paleontological collections largely coming from the territory of Brescia.


The major paleontological deposits represented within the collections include the continental Permiano Inferiore from the upper Val Trompia, with traces of tetrapods and plant remains, the Triassico Superiore from the upper Valvestino and the upper Valle del Garza, with fish and marine crustaceans, and the Giurassico Inferiore, with ammonites of M. Domaro, historic fossiliferous locality near Gardone Val Trompia.


Thousands of remains of the great mammals of the Quaternary are preserved, brought by the floods of the river Oglio (south of Brescia) and from the karst cavities of the foothills in the eastern surroundings of the city.

Of particular importance, within the mineralogical and petrographic collections, are samples from the Adamello massif and the mines in the three valleys of Brescia, especially Val Trompia and Val Camonica.

5-Mammiferi Quaternario

The entire Brescian sedimentary succession is well represented both in historical and in recent collections.

Of great scientific and historical value are the meteorites of Trenzano and Alfianello, fallen on their territories in 1800, and a peculiar collection of Egyptian mummies of animals donated between the late 1800s and early 1900s.

9-mummie egizie animali

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